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The Teach Me Academy Trainings for
Teach Me America

Recalibrating your Thinking Process to Maximize
Revenues and Optimize your Trainings

Welcome to your front row seat TO EXPERTS TRAINING EXPERTS.


1. Making your children Millionaires
2. Best Practices with contracts, negotiations, legal structures and insider strategies
3. Licensing in the High Fashion Industry
4. Create your own “e-course” to showcase your skill sets
5. Top Female Innovators & International Influencers:

a. The secrets to “ACCESS TO REAL CASH”
b. Managing your money with MONEY & YOU skill sets
c. “Burnout to Balance and Exhaustive to Excited”
d. 7 clear steps to building your Female FEMPIRE
e. 5 days to a more prosperous you
f. Unlock your creative powers like never before
g. Key strategic plans for any start up business
h. Money Boot Camp for our youth: Parents pay attention
i. Mastering money skills and releasing your money baggage
j. 7 Dimensions of Team Power Building
k. The One Page Business Plan to Opportunity
l. Integrated Wealth Systems
m. Financing and investing in the entertainment industry including motion pictures
n. Women Helping Women Achieve in Leadership, Entrepreneurialism, Startups and Artificial Intelligence
o. Publicity and public relations insider tips
p. F.I.N.E.S.T. women in real estate 7 core principles

6. Building Your Story Board Branding
7. Building a complete Sales Funnel
8. Being the Big Client Hunter will launch your growth
9. Navigating Across Cultural Boundaries
10. Mastering International Cultural Competences is critical:

a. Growing and expanding your business
b. Cross cultural management
c. Organizational behavior
d. Culture intelligence
e. Resolving culture and deal barriers
f. Hiring and firing practices

11. Executive Leadership and Financial Management
12. Global Importing/Exporting and Insider Tips Do’s and Don’ts
13. Licensing Deals Best Practices and “All Rights” Traps to watch for
14. Investor Expectations you must understand
15. Conflicts in Business Communication, Decision Making, & Negotiating
16. Secrets to Monetizing your digital online traffic with Killer Funnels
17. Global Medical Tourism has huge savings and value to patients
18. Global Medical Tourism will dramatically reduce corporate medical costs
19. Secrets to International real estate strategies
20. Buying and selling Luxury real estate to secure your residual income
21. Transcendental Leadership and Innovator Strategies

22. Crisis management skills and succeeding in business
23. Expanding internationally Insider tips and Best Practices
24. Intellectual Property protections & equity negotiations in Joint Ventures
25. Innovation Rewards Capital but there are risks with investors
26. Best Practices and risk awareness when Restructuring your company
27. Entertainment business key strategies:

a. Writing and selling television scripts
b. Writing and developing musicals
c. Securing and protecting your intellectual properties
d. Securing and protecting your publishing rights
e. Negotiation of “all rights” deals and the risks you must know
f. Financing movie deals has many perils to watch out for
g. Branding your intellectual I.P. and who owns what
h. I.P. and library valuations have many pitfalls to look for
i. Concert production and promotion
j. Sports/concert facility financing, construction and management
k. OTT and AVOD channel development
l. Television and digital program financing, production and distribution

28. Business Exit Strategies: legal, sales, & business nuances
29. Succession Planning legal and business strategies to consider
30. Franchising: insider tips with standard contracts
31. Venture Capital & IPO’s: insider Strategies will vary
32. Secret legal strategies for overcoming sales barriers and outthinking your competitors
33. Top strategies to Branding your products and trademarks
34. Developing and launching alcohol brands
35. Branding and digital influence strategies
36. Landing pages and web site development that will get you noticed
37. Securities laws and Public Company strategies to understand
38. Due diligence and market research critical to know when launching your products
39. Trial and litigation experiences to know for protection of your interests
40. State of the art technology can directly impact your business
41. Top Sales and insider training secrets
42. Tax savings and planning tips that can help your bottom line
43. Creating live virtual events that will WOW your audience
44. Joint Venture Partners and affiliate marketing can launch your brand

Please feel free to email us topics of your interest and we will get back to you on all upcoming new release dates.