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• The secrets to “ACCESS TO REAL CASH”
• Managing your money with MONEY & YOU skill sets
• “Burnout to Balance and Exhaustive to Excited”
• 7 clear steps to building your Female FEMPIRE
• 5 days to a more prosperous you
• Unlock your creative powers like never before
• Key strategic plans for any start up business
• Money Boot Camp for our youth: Parents pay attention
• Mastering money skills and releasing your money baggage
• 7 Dimensions of Team Power Building
• The One Page Business Plan to Opportunity
• Integrated Wealth Systems
• Financing and investing in the entertainment industry including motion pictures
• Women Helping Women Achieve in Leadership, Entrepreneurialism, Startups and Artificial Intelligence
• Publicity and public relations insider tips
• F.I.N.E.S.T. women in real estate 7 core principles